Media Rules and Info

Media who are granted access will need to follow these rules. Any violation of these rules can result in immediate dismissal from the festival grounds. Access to front-of-stage photo area will NOT be granted until approved by artist management.

  • A media pass consists of a lanyard to be worn at all times while on site, and all media must enter by the northern service access (i.e. backstage) area and check in daily with the media crew.
  • Photos and videos of the performers may only be taken when advised that it is acceptable to do so.
  • Audio/Video Recording:
  • All cameras must be clearly identified with media affiliation
  • Audio recording devices may ONLY be used for interviews
  • Photographers are NOT permitted on stage access
  • Filming is for news footage purposes only. Permission to film for more than 30 seconds requires written permission of the artist. Proof of this permission must be presented prior to performances.
  • A media tent will be set up to the side of the stage, and members of the media will be required to remain in this area unless other permissions have been granted, or a festival pass has been purchased. In this case, professional camera and video equipment will need to remain with the media crew.
  • A schedule will be circulated to all approved media, which shall include windows for photography and interviews. Individual arrangements will not be made outside these timeframes, unless requested in writing by Friday, May 18, 2018.